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Jamie Newbold - Lil Loon


Here's a few photo's from 2008:

Click on the images to see them full size







Altho Jamie wasn't racing we still took his bike for him to ride and familiarize himself with the handling and gears etc.
We had a few teething problems which were sorted out Sunday in the garage, but I think we're about ready for Elvington on the 18th & 19th April



20th April 2008

Elvington near York was Jamies 1st attempt at 1/4 mile sprinting

Here's a few photo's from the weekend:

Click on the images to see them full size


Jamies 1st attempt at 1/4 mile sprinting was marred by rain in the morning.
By around 1:30pm the track had dried enough for him to join the queue to make his 1st ever pass.



He was more concerned about the solenoid gear shifter as he had never used it to change gear and didnt know how, when or where to push the button. Not trying the shifter in the pits turned around and bit him when he found himself in too higher gear and kangaroo'ing up the track.



Thinking quickly he manually changed down the gears to complete the pass in a not so impressive 41.35 seconds @ 30mph. He didn't let it bother him and emmediately joined the queue for another try.



By the end of the day he was getting to terms with the bike an ran consecutive
26.87 seconds @ 47mph and 26.94 seconds @ 48mph.


For his 1st attempt we couldn't ask for more. Now Jamie is looking forward to the next event
at Shakespeare County Raceway on 17th & 18th May


Jamie has ridden a Motto Crosser during 2007 but didn't get a great deal of track time as I couldn't find time to take him. He has decided to sell his Crosser and buy the Junior Drag bike you see him on in the photo's.


'Lil Loon' as Jamie has suggested we call his bike was thought to be a bit of a stretch for him, so after contacting Jerry Collier (World Record Holder for Drag Bike Racing) we loaded "Lil Loon" into the van and was off to the workshop of Jade Racing for modification to enable him to be more comfortable on it.


This page will be constantly updated so please come back to see how Jamie is coping with "Lil Loon"


Dont forget to visit the Junior Drag Bike website here



From the pictures below you can see the modifications which has been made
to Jamie's Drag Bike from the day he bought it to its 1st outing at Santa Pod

Click on the images to see them full size



Below are some of photos of the frame as work started.

Click on the images to see them full size



'Lil Loon' was disassembled to allow the modification of the frame.
The frame was then attached to a jig and modified.



Here is 'Lil Loon' during re assembly
You can see the difference in top tubes when comparing the before and after photo's



Here we are mocking up the body. You can see how much lower the top tube is in the left hand picture
I know, I know, the nose is off a scooter. If I'm building it and want to use a part off a scooter I will, OK! Until Jamie takes it off that is
Obviously we have the body to modify yet, but we're not sure which way to go. We can either cut the 'Green' dummy tank section and make it fit or we can remove it completely and fit a motorcycle fuel tank



We loaded 'Lil Loon' in the back of the van and spent Saturday looking around local bike breakers where we found a Honda XL100 fuel tank


You can see in the pictures that it looks pretty cool


'Lil Loon' went back to Jade Racing where Jerry completed the mods


Its down to us now to complete the rebuild and get some paint on









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